Why choose a direct laser writing system from Dilase range?

The Dilase range represents the only range of direct laser writing machines on the market associating high resolution and great depth of focus.

Thus, the writing on thin or thick layers may be produced with the same ease without any compromise on the minimum resolution to be considered. Structuring with very high aspect ratio are at last equally possible by a simple lithographic process with a Dilase machine, without having to use more conventional process like etching that is extremely costly.

The Dilase range is also the most versatile on the market because it offers the possibility to use several laser sources and several spot laser sizes on a same machine. This multiplies the possible combinations to address very different writing needs (larger choice of photo-sensitive compatible commercial resins, the very quick filling up of a large surface with large laser spots, high resolution writing with higher resolution laser spots).

Dilase offers the opportunity to associate a scanning mode to fill very quickly large surfaces with a real vector write mode. Thus, you benefit from optimum definition of contours (and so a minimum of roughness on the edges of micro-structures) that render the direct laser writing technology an obvious choice for the most demanding applications.

Finally, our technological choices, from the laser sources to the beam shaping ensured by our optical lines, assure us of a superior stability then compared to conventional technologies.

Maskless equipment through direct laser writing from Dilase range can be used for various applications such as:

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