Mask aligner & laser lithography system: fields of application

Photolithography, because of miniaturization, has become a key technological answer for many scientific and industrial fields

Kloe offers you the complete range of photolithographic equipment for numerous microtechnology applications

Over time, Kloe has striven to offer a full range of equipment and processes to cover the widest range of expressed needs and to open up this technology to sectors that did not have access to it, mainly for cost reasons.

With this logic, the line of mask aligners and masking equipment, the UV KUB range, has notably made possible the opening access to photolithography to the microfluidic community.

Our direct laser writers and high resolution 3D printer from the Dilase range offers new possibilities by proposing previously inconceivable aspect ratios by means of a simple photolithography step. By distinguishing itself from other manufacturers of maskless lithography systems with a new technological approach, Kloe has democratized access to the high resolution previously reserved for microelectronics.

Photolithography now concerns a large number of sectors and is no longer limited to microelectronics

Kloe strives to follow the evolution of the needs from researchers and industries working in sectors as diverse as sensors, bioMEMS, microsystems, watchmaking, cosmetics, product safety, telecoms, space, cameras, materials science, biology, tissue engineering... Every year, we develop new prototypes, new processes and new functions on our machines to ever meet these new needs.

We present some examples of achievements made with our laser lithography systems and our mask aligners, which are out of the ordinary. Thus we demonstrate the unlimited capabilities of photolithography to offer ever more innovative solutions for ever-increasing scientific and industrial applications.