Optical fiber sensors for photolithography

An all-optical sensors range

Kloe has developed a range of "all-optical" integrated components dedicated to the measurements of temperatures.

These optical circuits are the results of Kloé know-how in optical design, of the flexibility of its technology and its materials expertise.

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Optical fiber sensor K-FBG: monitoring screen

Optical detection: high sensitivity in real-time

Bragg gratings technology

The instrumented control of industrial facilities, traffic lanes or even geophysical phenomena has become a major concern for risk prevention and requires for high-speed control mechanisms, sensitive and reliable.

The K-FBG technology designed and patented by Kloe is based on the inscription of Bragg gratings into the core of a fiber optic: this technology has been broadly approved and experienced by the Telecom industries for more than 35 years (Telcordia standard).

On this background, Kloe has developed its innnovative approach that enables to integrate up to 100 K-FBG on a single fiber optic. Each K-FBG thus acts like an "optical thermocouple" of high sensitivity that allows an acquisition in real time of temperature measurements without the need for post-processing.

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Optical fiber sensor K-FBG: front panel

Numerous application areas of optical fiber sensors

The all-optical detection solutions offered by Kloe are adressed to many areas such as:

Energy sectors (Oil and Gas)

Where K-FBG technologies are used to follow-up temperatures along channels such as pipelines (for applications from cryogenic to much higher temperatures) or to manage the surveillance of Offshore facilities.

The sensitivity and reactivity offered by K-FBG technology makes it today the prefered optical fiber solution for leak detection along channelings (water, gas, oil...). The sensors are as well suitable for the surveillance of traffic or fluvial lanes, as for example for the surveillance of dikes to prevent from any flood risk.

Recognized skills

Our detection solutions have been qualified for the monitoring of sites, industrial installations and the detection of leaks along pipes by major accounts of the oil industry.

Several subsurface test wells are now equipped with our systems in France and in Europe for the scientific community of Geosciences. A CO2 storage site in Israel is also equipped with one of our monitoring systems. Finally, Kloe solutions have been adapted to dike monitoring to prevent the risk of ruptures and associated floods.