Testimonial of François NADAL, from Loughborough University, about our UV-LED masker UV-KUB 2

The experience we have with Kloe since we acquired the UV-KUB 2 is quite unique. Beyond the product itself, which perfectly matches our expectations in terms of accuracy and implementation speed, this is the quality of service in terms of advice and maintenance that most impresses us.

Reactivity, availability and flexibility seem to be Kloe's key words. The details of the technical characteristics of the product are always perfectly mastered within the commercial team, which from this point of view has proven to be extremely effective so far.

Given the quality and diversity of the proposed microfabrication systems, but also given the close relationship that we have been able to build with the technical and commercial teams, we will undoubtedly remain with Kloe for our future purchase.

François Nadal