Happy father's day!

Miniature rose less than 3mm wide

Miniaturized rose made by our high resolution 3D printer

If last year, our high resolution 3D printer Dilase 3D celebrated moms, this year it's dads who are in the spotlight! What could be better than a rose, an often overlooked symbol of this Father's Day, to wish all dads a very happy Father's Day 2021!

Technical specifications:

  • laser spot size: 5µm
  • slicing: 20µm
  • thickness:
    • stem: between 500µm and 800µm
    • petals: between 15µm and 30µm
  • writing speed:
    • rose pot: 30mm/s
    • stem and petals: 0,5mm/s
  • writing time: 8 hours
  • dimensions:
    • Length: 3mm
    • Width: 3mm
    • Height: 10mm