Kloe will be present at Innovations in Microfluidics & Single Cell Analysis 2022, Boston, March 2022, 21st & 22nd

Kloe present mask aligner UV-KUB 3 and tabletop direct laser writer Dilase 250 on its booth

Come meet us at our booth!

Kloe's team will be pleased to present you its ranges of products, dedicated to the manufacture of microfluidics circuit:

  • UV-LED masker UV-KUB 2 and new generation of mask aligner UV-KUB 3, available in 4 or 6 inches version
  • its range of direct laser writer for maskless lithography: Dilase 250 and Dilase 650
  • its high resolution 3D printer for 3D microfabrication: Dilase 3D