Top 3 countries for sales of Kloe photolithography equipment

France, United States of America, Germany

After 20 years of activity, the top 3 countries for Kloe equipment sales are as follows:

  1. France
  2. United States of America
  3. Germany

The high technology and high technicality of our photolithography equipment has enabled us, after consolidating our presence in the French microtechnology market, to convince key microfabrication markets such as the USA, Germany and Japan.

It was a real challenge to succeed in positioning ourselves in USA and Germany, historical cradles of big names in photolithography, both in mask aligners and in direct laser writing equipment.

We are proud to count among our customers:

  • In Germany:
    • Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, Göttingen, Potsdam, Magdeburg
    • Technical University of Munich (TUM) which has several systems Dilase
  • In the United States of America:
    • Mayo Clinic, which has no less than 3 of our equipment:
    • The University of Washington in Seattle
    • Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas
    • George Mason University
    • Berkeley University
    • Santa Clara University

A total of more than 70 Kloe equipement installed in the United States.