"UV-KUB 2 Contest" questionnaire

Due to the cancellation of the face-to-face MicroTas 2022 show, we have been forced to cancel our "UV-KUB 2 contest".

As the contest questionnaire has already been completed, we suggest that you try to answer the questions, just for fun smiley

14 questions asked, 4 Kloe's equipment concerned: will you found all the correct answers? 



  1. UV-KUB 2 needs to be installed in a cleanroom: right or false?
  2. What type of lamp is used in a UV-KUB 2?
  3. What is the power density in UV?
  4. What is the lifetime of UV source?


  1. Divergence angle of a UV-KUB 3 is below 2°: right or false?
  2. What resolution can be achieved with a UV-KUB 3?
  3. UV-KUB 3 can pattern thick resist layers: right or false?


  1. Dilase 250 can write in vector and scanning mode: right or false?
  2. What aspect ratio can be achieved with a Dilase 250?
  3. With a 1µm beam, what thickness of resist layer can be patterned with perfect 90° sidewall?


  1. Dilase 3D can realize large size objects with high resolution: right or false?
  2. Up to what resolution can you reach with a Dilase 3D?
  3. What maximum object size a Dilase 3D can realized?
  4. Dilase 3D can write with several switchable beams. Which one is the correct answer? 1 beam? 2 beams? 3 beams? 4 beams?


Answers in 2 weeks wink